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    So what's in the Book?


     Locations Covered in the Book
    There are thousands of campsites that have already been cleared and ready for you to setup camp. All the roads and trails surrounding areas in the book can be used to ride motorbikes and ATV’s. Many of the areas in the book are accessible by RV.

    All land covered in the book is either provincially or federally owned.

    Local Activities:

    • Camping
    • Fishing
    • RV
    • Ride your ATV
    • Hiking
    • Biking
    • Boating
    • Campfires
    • Hunting
    • Swimming
    • Play fetch with your dog
    • Bird watching
    • Lounge in the Sun
    • Teach your kids about forest plants and animals
    • Kayaking
    • Bushwhacking
    • Diving


    This guide contains everything you need to know to find a great camping spot in Ontario.

    Explanation of how and why you can camp for free.

    Maps are simple and easy to follow. 

    In this Guide you will find

    *Camping Locations

    *Camping Tips

    *Survival Tips

    *Edible Plants

    *Hunting Tips

    *Animal Tracks

    *The Sky at Night

    *Trees you can Eat

    *Campfire Games 


    How to harvest and prepare wild edible foods and teas.

    You will find information on how to make your next camping trip memorable and safe.

    Survival skills you can practice and learn at home.


    The Canadian Wilderness is all around you. You just need to know where to find it and more importantly use it.  I will show you where to camp or go four wheeling. Any place identified in my book is absolutely free and legal to use. That is my personal guarantee.

    I will provide you with information that is not readily available, information that I have personally gathered and have benefited from. I believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy simple outdoor weekend or week long vacations where you can camp, ride trails, walk trails, fish, kayak, swim, rock hound, and hunt or learn about edible and interesting plants with no accommodation costs ever!

    About the Author

    Eric E Erme was born in Montreal in 1972. At an early age moved to the east coast of Canada to a beautiful place called Cape Breton. There he grew up with the wilderness literally in his own back yard. He spent countless hours and days exploring and playing in the forest that was soon to become part of him. He studied the plants and animals that surrounded him on a daily basis and grew to love them. Most summer days he would leave the house and wander out into the forest to build shelters from fallen trees and anything else he could gather. Many days he would gather food such as berries and mushrooms from the forest only to return home to eat supper or play baseball or soccer for his local league. He knew the forest well and he used it for his amusement and survival. The forest was his playground.

    At age ten the Erme family acquired a piece of land on the salt water Bras d’Or Lake. This was a place when Eric and the family would spend most weekends. It was a rugged piece of land and only a small area was cleared, just big enough for a large tent. It was here that Eric developed his outdoor skills further. He spent many days hanging out and learning from his father, Tim Erme the way nature should be treated, utilized and preserved. Eric learned from his father not only is it important to have a big heart for the people around you but it was equally important to have a big heart for the environment. He learned to take just what you need and give back all you can. It was along the salty cold waters of Bras d’Or that Eric really learned to live off the land. From identifying edible plants and berries, to building fires and better shelters, to digging for clams, to perfecting methods to catch fish and hunt game, to learning how to dive for underwater food sources, Eric learned it all. He became a real outdoorsman thanks to his father.

    When Atomic Energy of Canada where Tim Erme worked for eleven years closed its doors in 1986, the family relocated to Southern Ontario. Here Eric found it very different from what he was accustomed to back in the east. The air was heavy with smog and there was not much forest or fresh running water. As a teenager in high school Eric would often camp with his friends on weekends almost always at Provincial Parks or Private Campgrounds. He found these campsites to be dirty, expensive and loud. Eric set out on a mission to find free places where he could camp, fish and relax enjoying nature just like he did back in Cape Breton. Over the past fifteen years Eric has found and camped for free at many locations all over Ontario. He has compiled maps to all his favorite locations so that everyone can afford to leave the city for a week or a weekend and enjoy the relaxation that only the wilderness can give you.